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Basic Job Search Expressions – Spanish to English Translation

If you’re searching for a job, being bilingual can be a big asset. But you aren’t fluently bilingual yet, you’ll

Differences in Spanish Dialects

Spanish is one of the most commonly-used languages in the world, right behind English and Mandarin Chinese. Today, over 30

Basic Conversation Skills – Spanish to English Translations

When you’re learning a new language, practicing conversations with other students – or better yet native speakers – is a

Using Connecting Words In Spanish

Even though the connecting words “and’, “or”, “the”, and “of” may occupy very little room in a sentence, it’s important

Why You Should Learn Spanish?

Currently, Spanish is the primary language for over 400 million people around the world. Twenty three countries use Spanish as

An Introduction to Spanish Nouns and Genders

Much like other Romance languages, the Spanish language has a number of different ways to denote whether the subject of