DELE course in Valencia to obtain Spanish nationality + some tips for learning

The DELE course in Valencia is essential to learn Spanish in a basic way and is compulsory to obtain Spanish nationality – CCSE Test in Valencia-. A first step, to learn Spanish and integrate better when living in Spain. (READ MORE)

If you are looking for a DELE course to take the CSEE Test in Valencia to obtain Spanish nationality, we will help you. In order to live in Spain and fully integrate into Valencia or the city you choose as your place of residence, you need, as is normal, to know and master – at least from a basic point of view – Spanish.

In order to be able to integrate with the local population, to find work, to be able to relate correctly with the administration or for aspects related to your health. And, of course, to live fully in each and every one of the facets that arise in your daily life in Spain. The DELE course, together with the CSEE test in Valencia, is compulsory for you to obtain Spanish nationality.

But don’t worry, don’t panic. It is not a difficult exam, although as in any exam you have to prepare yourself. That’s why the DELE course in Valencia to obtain Spanish nationality is compulsory and we will help you. In it you will learn to obtain a basic linguistic competence to understand and to use daily expressions, expressions where to know how to relate, the use of the suitable verbal forms… and all this by means of oral and written exercises without much difficulty so that you can learn Spanish of a basic and correct form to obtain the Spanish nationality.

Apart from preparing your DELE course in Valencia with us, in order to obtain Spanish nationality, we inform you that you will have to prepare another test, the so-called CCSE test, or in other words, constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain, which accredits knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and Spanish social and cultural reality.

By means of eminently practical exercises and basic theory, prepare your DELE course in Valencia which, moreover, will surely become a formative and entertaining activity that will encourage you to learn Spanish and to be able to continue advancing when it comes to perfecting this beautiful language.

The most difficult sounds for foreigners learning Spanish

No matter how hard they try, we see that our students find it difficult to pronounce some sounds better than others. And when it comes to pronouncing different words, Spanish also has some difficulties, which can be surpassed. We tell you which are the most difficult sounds for foreigners to learn Spanish.

Any language has different words, letters or word endings that can become a Calvary for a foreign student. By repeating them and understanding, above all, how to pronounce these situations can be overcome with total normality. Or is it impossible to learn the complicated pronunciation of the German language? and the lip endings of French? Quite a challenge. If you are going to learn Spanish in Spain, you can now practice with the most difficult sounds for foreigners that you must, little by little, overcome.

– The letter R

The letter R is a pronunciation for many students. In Spanish, we pronounce this word forcefully and very sonorously. There are languages that do not even pronounce it despite having it in their alphabet. The best thing is to rehearse in front of a mirror.

– The sound g/j

Let’s practice: genius, garage, cage, moan, jota… The sound of the g and the j can confuse many foreigners. And it is that also for the Spaniards it can suppose all a confusion at the time of writing them. Why garage takes jota and genius takes g? do not try to look for the logic to him. The best thing in these cases when learning Spanish is to expand your vocabulary and memorize conflicting words.

– The letter H

In Spanish, the letter H is not pronounced but it is indispensable to write it in many words and verbs because otherwise, you would be making spelling mistakes. It is one of the most difficult sounds for foreigners to learn Spanish because, in short, you have to learn that it is not pronounced. In many languages, the letter H is accompanied by a sound and in Spanish absolutely nothing. Remember the silence in this letter.

– The sound c/s

One of the most frequent mistakes when speaking Spanish on the part of foreign students is the substitution of words with c (ce and ci) by s (Examples: presiosa por preciosa, atardeser por atardecer, dulse por dulse…). In the south of Spain and in Latin America this substitution at the time of speaking is very common but at the time of writing it is an error that they must take into account not to learn bad habits when writing correctly.

– The double R

Double R’s are a typical problem for many foreign students when learning Spanish in Spain. They remain in the simple vibration, when it is a word where the r is pronounced double the same as it is written. It is normal to find errors such as pronouncing “corije” instead of “corrije”, “bariga” instead of “belly” or “marones” instead of “marrones” and similar cases.

There are a few more errors but, for the moment, you can take a step further in perfecting your pronunciation in Spanish. You will see that it is not so difficult to learn and apply these corrections when learning Spanish.

8 tips for starting a Spanish course

September is a month of new ideas, new illusions, new challenges and new challenges. And one of the most recurrent projects is to start a language course. If you are an Erasmus student, have chosen Valencia to learn Spanish or simply live here and you are from abroad and want to improve it, starting a Spanish course is a very good idea but watch out, we give you 10 tips to start a Spanish course and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Starting a Spanish course in Valencia in September is a recurring theme if you are not fluent in the language of Cervantes and want to do so. Or if you have started to work or study in our city and you want to study Spanish and improve as much when writing it, as when understanding it and speaking it, of course. In order for you to have the best choice, we recommend you some advice when starting a Spanish course to take into account and start this new course by successfully learning a new language.

  • Initial test. We advise you to take an initial test at our school so that we can advise you on which course best suits your knowledge and level, you may be surprised!
  • Be realistic. Don’t try to join a level that doesn’t correspond to you. Don’t fool yourself. In order to study a Spanish course in Valencia, we advise you to choose a course that you can face successfully and that fits your authentic level.
  • Constancy. As in everything else, perseverance is the key to success and you must be constant when doing exercises, attending classes and applying yourself to have the feeling that you are taking advantage of your classes and really learning.
  • Question. Shyness is a handicap for learning Spanish. Don’t be ashamed and don’t be left with any doubts from the first day of class. Ask and don’t take your doubts home with you.
  • Schedules. Comply with the class schedules. Don’t pick yourself up. You must persevere and go to class. Don’t put other leisure activities before learning Spanish and advancing and if you can’t go because you work or study, ask them to change your schedule.
  • Read. This is basic advice but it is vital. In order to successfully learn Spanish in Valencia, you must read a lot, perhaps more than even your teachers advise you to read. You know that the more you do, the more Spanish you will learn.
  • Other resources. As we have been advising you on our blog, use other resources to complement your Spanish classes. Or what is the same, go to language exchange classes, watch movies, pay special attention to conversations on the street, to signs, sign up to meet people and socialize to learn Spanish …
  • Do your homework. To learn you have to work so we recommend that you prepare your homework every day, go to class with the work done. Spend some time studying Spanish and come with your homework done. This way you will advance successfully in your course.

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